In these twenty-five quilts from the collection of the International Quilt Museum, makers and collectors alike have recognized the striking results of using only two colors when creating a quilt. Some makers strove for a dramatic contrast; others highlighted their patchwork or quilting patterns by using a more harmonious pair of colors. Some used solid colors, and others chose tiny prints that read as two colors from a few steps away. In each case, these objects highlight the fundamental visual interest that draws us to quilts. Without the influence of large prints and multi-tonal compositions, the viewer can engage more fully with the overall composition and construction of each piece, from the quilting stitches to the way each pieced or appliquéd pattern is attached to the next.

Each of the quilts on the walls belongs to International Quilt Museum’s education collection, which serves an important facet of the museum’s mission: engaging and educating the public about global quiltmaking practices. The exhibit was curated by Sarah Wolcott, collections manager at the International Quilt Museum.