Man Made

On display through July 5, 2020

Although quilting is an artistic field historically dominated by women, this exhibit features quilts designed and made by men such as Jack Edson, Erick Wolfmeyer, Stan Green, Ernest Haight and Ricky Tims, to name a few. Well known designer Tony Jacobson, curator of this show, is a founding member of the Iowa Quilt Museum Board of Directors.

Curator Statement:

Most quilt exhibitions dedicated to male quilters are juried shows which showcase mainly the talents of contemporary art quilters. When I conceived this display for the Iowa Quilt Museum I wanted to give a historical context to men in quilting over time. I wanted to show that men have actually been quilting right along with women for generations. Four quilts in this exhibit show the talents of male quilters from 1890, 1935, and 1964.

I also wanted to show the variety of ways men are participating in the quilting industry today. We have examples from male quilters who design quilt patterns and teach. We have quilters who make quilts as a form of art. We have “celebrity” quilters whose names are household names in the quilt world. And we have quilters who quilt to bring attention to a cause near and dear to them.

The stories that go along with these quilts and the journeys of the quilters themselves are as important as the stitches and pieces of fabric used in each quilt. I hope you enjoy the exhibit and the diversity of the quilters who have created them.

Tony Jacobson
April 2020

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